Our Products

Best Quality Produce is the Hallmark of NxtGen Farmz

Located in a pristine high-altitude Himalayan region NxtGen Farmz boasts a chemical free-soil legacy and optimal snow and chilling hours which combined with high lux sunlight provide perfect conditions for healthy growth and superior taste of our fruits. These include blueberries, apples and other high-nutrient Himalayan fruits. We leverage favourable weather conditions, using a Scientific and Sustainable approach as well as stellar Tools and Technologies to produce best quality fruits. To top it all we use globally accepted best practices including cutting-edge processes and packing.

Quality Produce Lifecycle

The genesis of our quality produce lifecycle lies in our choosing the most appropriate plants from top-notch European nurseries through a rigorous multi-step process including trial runs. This is followed by careful nurturing of the plants by a team of highly experienced agronomists on a high-tech platform that includes a hydroponics set-up capable of leveraging European substrates, automated fertigation and AI-driven weather stations. The best practices deployed by the management at every step ensure absolute food safety.

Why High-Altitude Snow Berries Are All the Rage

There is growing awareness among people about agricultural produce that extends beyond freshness and taste and focuses on health, particularly concerning pesticide residues. At Nxtgen Farmz, providing fruits that are totally safe is an article of faith for us. We use AI to obtain incisive insights and combine it with Early Warning Signals (EWS) that we receive on plant health.

Our High-Altitude Apples

Our apples offer greater nutritional value and a range of health benefits as because these are grown at higher elevations and therefore contain a higher percentage of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds and nutrients like vitamin C and polyphenols. Moreover, these are firmer, crunchier, and tastier, boasting a much longer shelf life as well. To top it all, these are totally chemicals free making them a higher-priced premium product.
Our proactive approach minimizes the use of plant protection products, thereby keeping them inured against any possible adverse impact. The fruit development cycle is planned and monitored to ensure that residues are kept way below Maximum Residue Limits (MRL). Besides, our use of advanced technologies and an efficient management system provide easy product traceability, which in turn ensures a much greater focus on quality parameters.

We are Technology Driven

Technology lies at the heart of our practices. We leverage it to reduce errors and improve productivity and quality. Our advanced fertigation system ensures that every drop of water contains the optimal quality of nutrients, thereby conserving scarce resources. AI-driven weather stations actively monitor the crops, even as the IOT sensors keep vigil on diverse crop-specific parameters to initiate early warning actions.

Sustainability Defines Our Farming Practices

Sustainability is a major plank of our horticulture practices. In a world blighted by ecological imbalances, supply chain disruptions, food scarcity, fluctuating demand and price sensitivity across a globally interconnected market, we at NxtGen Farmz operate on the premise that we are accountable to the next generation. That is what drives us to put in place systems that are ecologically and economically sustainable.

Ensuring Net Positive Groundwater

NxtGen Farmz sites consideraconsider Net Positive Groundwater status a core tenet of our company’s sustainability policy. From the very beginning, we have actively sought responsible and collaborative solutions for groundwater management to ensure that we leave behind a sustainable environmental legacy for future generations. We believe that conserving shared resources such as water should be done at the local level, and we practice it on our farms by incorporating rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging into our farming practices. The Chalana area of Sirmour lies at the Outer Himalayas and Middle Himalayas junction boasting the right kind of ambient climate and the right quantity of snow and over 1200 mm of rainwater that makes it possible for the groundwater level to be “Net Positive.” This is achieved by utilizing lesser energy to pump water and ensuring the water quality as well as the continuity of streams.
Other measures include the recharging of aquifers and rainwater harvesting via structures and unused lands resulting in active and interconnected water storage of more than 2 million litres. In addition, more than a hundred small pits have been dug to ensure that the water gets soaked into the earth and does not runoff. Our team of professional water charge experts using advanced tools have identified and mapped the geo strata of our farm regarding existing aquifers and developed a comprehensive system to recharge them.

Collaboration with like- minded farmers

We have successfully collaborated with like- minded progressive farmers in the area to make our water conservation efforts a community initiative. Apart from that, we have taken initiatives to promote biodiversity and improve natural habitats with the help of natural pest and disease control, pollination, soil management, planting Deodar and Pine trees and avoiding human wild animal conflicts with the help of a secure perimeter powered by clean solar power.

Carbon Neutrality

We at NxtGen Farmz are well on our way to achieving carbon neutrality with our in-house solar system producing surplus energy that is fed back into the grid.